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Interesting facts on wastewater 

A water source is one of the most valuable assets on earth for all of the living creatures including and mainly humans.

You ought to consider yourself very lucky if you live in a place where water is affordable and available, it’s a gift you must consider, and you should always maintain to keep it.

We humans like to use plenty of water, it’s our nature, and our human bodies contain 60% of liquids and water.

Sadly, misconception of using water lead to wasting huge amounts of it, and turns it into wastewater or sewage water, we’ve managed to treat this water to another form of reuse.

Here are some interesting facts regarding wastewater:

We can define wastewater in a simple way; every type of water that has been used in different purposes, human usage just like bathing, laundry and others, rain water considers as wastewater, some countries and societies forbid to reuse wastewater even after treatment, considering the facts of pollution and side effects possibility.

There are 2 types of wastewater resources; ordinary (Domestic) and industrial, the first one comes from ordinary usage of water by various housing activities such as showering and toilets, the industrial wastewater comes from water`s usage in industrial places or facilities such as manufactures and labs.

They’re both same terms, but recently the first term were converted into the second, the new term is more “appropriate” and sounds more civilized.

A study shows that polluted water is affecting fresh water by approximately 800% of its quantity when mixed up, for example: 1 liter of polluted water would affect 7-8 fresh liters of water.

There are three of phases water treatment; primary, secondary, and advanced.

Each of these phases aim to reduce and separate various types of waste and materials from water just like: solid objects, Biodegradable organics, disease`s causing organisms, and nitrates & phosphates

And it depends on the water treatment facility itself and its quality, various reports around the world indicated that there are many treatment facilities doesn`t treat water well, which causes on the long run health problems such as diseases and negative impacts on the environment.

In many areas of the world, wastewater is disposed of in a wrong way, without any treatment, this causes a lot of harms against humans and environment, including diseases` outbreaks for humans, and death of living creatures and life forms on earth.



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