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Household Wastewater Collection Systems

We don’t concern too much about water, even it’s the 2nd most important element in our life after air, we think of water as an affordable resource as it’s available everywhere, because we live in civilized areas, but we ought to rethink about this concept.

We ought to consider water and its resources as a valuable thing, if we take a closer look on other parts of the world; we’d find other people suffer from difficulties due to water`s lack.

Modern societies tend to find solutions to problems, we like to participate and to create creative solutions, we created wastewater treatment plants, to recycle water and to reduce its usage from fresh resources, usually wastewater are collected via collection systems to go into different paths, on this article we’ll have a brief look upon these systems…

Mainly, there are two types of these systems:

  1. Household Public systems:
  1. Household custom / private systems:



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