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5 good examples of sustainable energy projects

On the last decades and while living in this world, we’ve consumed many types of ordinary energy resources, due to our continuous needs to power and operate various types of machines in our daily life, and even more we often use these resources for various different reasons such as clothing and heating and the list goes on.

These resources come from various sources such as; trees, oil & gas fields, coal fields, and others.

Studies and announced statistics showed that our consuming to these resources has results in two main facts:

over the last decades, scientists made a lot of efforts to find a solution for those problems, and sometimes solution lies in the simplest form, the power of the wind, the rays of the sun, and the power of water, these are the nature`s natural gifts which can provides us a lot of energy power, these are called sustainable energy forms.

Using renewable or sustainable energy is the right solution which applies the reduction of using our natural resources, and on the same time it has the minimal negative effect on our health and environment.

Several countries and societies are already engaged in projects that represents the sustainable energy production, and here we’re presenting 5 good examples of these projects:

  1. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center:

Located in Texas, USA, one of the largest wind farms of the world, contains more than 400 wind turbines, using the wind as natural resource to produce electricity, and has approximately 750 megawatts as a capacity.

  1. Ouarzazate Solar Power Station:

Using the solar energy to produce electricity with 160 megawatts capacity, located in the desert of morocco, also it’s known as a solar energy complex which will have a lot of future developments on the long run, and aiming to have a capacity of 580 megawatts in the near future.

The station name in Arabic is “Noor station” which means “the light station”.

  1. PS10 solar power plant:

Another example of using the solar energy, located in Seville, Spain.

A single tower of a large project which will be implemented on this area, and it contains of 8 solar power plants, this tower is the first part of the project, and the project aims to have 300 megawatts as a capacity.

  1. SeaGen tidal stream generator:

Located in Northern Ireland, UK, one of the powerful tidal stream generators in the world, this type of generators uses water currents to generate power, using a turbine similar to a wind turbine but it operates underwater, thes project was established in 2008.

  1. Energiewende:

This is not just a project, it’s a concept and a movement, “Energiewende” is a German word in English means “Energy Transition”, this vision was adapted in Germany through the last years, and it aims to transform most of the ordinary resources of power into renewable sustainable energy, as a long-term structural change in energy systems.

Currently 27% of Germany`s energy is from renewable resources, such as wind and solar energy.

It began in 2011 as a result of historical efforts made by many environmentalists and people concerned about the issues and harms of the nuclear energy and ordinary resources energy forms such as coal and oil.

This project still faces many arguments on the road, but a lot of positive efforts are already made by many German people, most negative statements and opinions came from people who thinks that kind of energy transition will make a negative impact on the economy and the cost of ordinary energy on the long run, but many projects especially solar energy projects are implemented and their results are efficient compared to the nuclear energy for example.



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